Everything in life begins with a thought, a dream; it is the dream that then turns to action.

Bliss House Foundation was once my dream.
It was something I cared about.
Then you cared about it too.

Something exquisitely beautiful occurred:
You carried my vision and made it yours.
My dream became our reality
And hope for so many.

Thank you!


Rob Redding

Corny Bartsch

Frank Wiebe

Dmitri Klassen

Chris Ballesteros

Satindar (Raja) Gill

Raees Miyan

Amish Patel

Anthony Robbins

Ashish Ruparel

Andy Ryan

George Shackleton

Mohammed Safiullah

Rohan Williams

Matt & Vandana Tickle

Simon Wood

Sheng Du

Angelica-Maria Strolz

Emma Raven

Matthew Buckley