I'm Rakhi

the founder of Bliss House and a domestic abuse survivor.

I'm Rakhi

the founder of Bliss House and a domestic abuse survivor.

You've survived domestic abuse!

Now you want to know to overcome the trauma: is it possible?


Here's my story:

For 19 years I was domestically abused; physically, emotionally and psychologically. For a further eight years, I struggled to overcome everything I'd experienced. It wasn’t easy for me to adjust to living in a safe environment when I had been subjected to intense abuse over such a prolonged period of time.

Living with this trauma for 27 of my 39 years, culminated in a breakdown. My name was on a waitlist for therapy, I’d been prescribed sedatives to calm my overwhelming anxiety. It got to the point where my friends took matters into their own hands and undertook what you might call an ‘intervention’. This, for me, was hitting rock bottom. However,

out of the depths of despair came my greatest moment of clarity

I took the decision I hadn’t been able to take in the eight years prior. No-longer would I allow my present and future to be plagued by my past. Overcoming my past became a ‘must’ not a ‘maybe’ and so, like you now, I went searching for help, for answers to my questions:

Blank Face

Why did this happen to me?

How do I get over it?

What do I do next?

How do I move on?

I understand what it means to have survived domestic abuse.

I understand that it’s not as simple as having escaped your abuser and suddenly everything becomes ‘okay’. It doesn’t. The trauma lives on inside of you. There are the physical effects but there are also mental, emotional and spiritual effects. Feelings of unworthiness, hopelessness and anxiety constantly ran through me.

The pain you continue to feel, I’ve felt it too. The tears you have shed, I’ve shed them also. You feel alone, like there is no-one you can really turn to for help - who understands what you’re going through. I’ve been there. Trust me, I’ve experienced how hard it is to let go of the past, to get beyond the flashbacks and move forward - if you could have done this by now, we wouldn’t be connecting as we are.

I ’m here to tell you that you absolutely can leave your torment in the past; it doesn’t need to influence your present or your future. Yes, there are instances when your experiences keep you safe however, it’s important to be able to differentiate between real and perceived threat.

By reliving your trauma over and over in your mind, you inevitably condition yourself to live in fear and doubt - you sabotage your here and now.

You’ve been abused, the mind can not allow that to happen to you again and so, in it’s gallant bid to protect you, it subconsciously seeks out problems, it seeks to discredit hope and replace it with doubt. Within a heartbeat, your present moment is clouded by your past; this is how trauma operates when left to relive itself in your thoughts.

The trauma you have experienced has affected who you are at your core which includes your ability to love yourself - unconditionally. No matter what they subjected you to:

you-are-still-here . . . are here . . . are a fighter . . . are strong
you-are-still-here . . . are here . . . are a fighter . . . are strong

It's time for you to step forward and create a new identity.

You are not a victim.

I will not call you a victim.

You are a victor,

and together

we will create that blissful life!

All you need to do is say Yes!!!!

Say yes to empowering yourself

With all my love,